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Muktinath nuns, Tikik, Pema  and Ani
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Funds for nuns
The Muktinath Nuns, * the traditional caretakers of Muktinath-Chumig Gyatsa, realize that preserving their own culture is connected to their ability to adjust to modern times. Education is key in this process.

If you want to help the MFI to support the Muktinath nuns, you could consider giving a donation. Your money will be used by the nuns for livelihood, medical care and education. (Dutch visitors, please so also the donation page of our Dutch website.)

No overhead
The MFI will not use your donation for overhead. MFI overhead is paid by the members of the MFI Board, some special donors and our sponsors. In this respect the MFI differes from most charities indeed.

Delivery of donations in 2012
Every year the donations are delivered to the nuns in Nepal, either in Muktinath or in Kopan House, the house of the nuns in Boudhanath, Kathmandu, used for practice, education and reateat. This year, 2012, in April two members of the MFI board
went to Nepal to visit the Muktinath nuns at Kopan House. Travelling costs were paid by donations of the very board members.

Help raising funds
If you are interested in raising funds to support our goals please contact us by by our feedback form.

Tourists with Recordings from Muktinath
If you have visited Muktinath before 1985 and are willing to donate copies of your film recordings or pictures for the MFI Image Bank Project, please send us a fax or mail.

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If you have your own web site, please put an MFI banner on your home page. You can download them via the banners page.

Gompas nearby
* For information on other Tibetan Buddhist nunneries with nuns from Muktnath Valley, please see Tharpa Choeling Nunnery and Garwa Gompa.

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