MFI at IATS conference

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MFI News, June 28, 2000

Leiden - During the Early History Sessions at the Ninth Seminar of the International Association for Tibetan Studies (IATS), organized by the International Institute for Asian Studies (IIAS) at the University of Leiden in Holland, the MFI established several valuable contacts with scientists involved in Muktinath-related research. The MFI was invited to the IATS Conference by Dr. Henk Blezer, convenor of the seminar. The MFI's attendance was sponsored by the IATS.

Muktinath Knowledge Base Project
The seminar in Leiden was very fruitful. MFI President André Kalden was introduced by historian Dr. Roberto Vitali to Dr. Franz-Karl Ehrhard, working for the Lumbini International Research Institute and Resident Representative of the Nepal Research Center in Katmandu. Dr. Ehrhard supported the idea of helping the MFI with the Muktinath Knowledge Base Project. He kindly invited Mr. Kalden to visit him at the Nepal Research Center when he will be in Katmandu in October.

Muktinath ImageBank Project
In addition, the MFI spoke with independent researcher Dr. Charles Ramble who mentioned he had pictures available for the Muktinath ImageBank Project showing rituals performed in Muktinath in 1982. Dr. Ramble also offered all his articles on Muktinath-related subjects for online publication.