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Muktinath-Chumig Gyatsa
For backgrounds on Muktinath-Chumig Gyatsa, please have a look at the Brief Introduction to Muktinath or the Muktinath Picture Album.

As far as we know there are no articles online mentioning Muktinath, other than on our website. The Wisdom of Tibetan Medicine is an exception. It is an article on the regional conservation of medicinal plants in the Muktinath area by the Tibetan Plateau Project (TPP).

Salagrama Shila
For articles on Salagrama-Shilas, see our article A Brief Introduction to Muktinath. For links on the internet related to this subject see our special Salagrama links page.

Adding your articles or testimonial?
If you have been in Muktinath and made pictures or wrote a story about your visit, or an article, you are most welcome to contact us to ask for publication or a link to your website.

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