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Annapurna Guides

Cover of the book 'Trekking in the Annapurna Region'

Trekking in the Annapurna Region by Bryn Thomas.
Published by Seven Hills Book Distributors, Cincinnati, USA, 3rd edition in 1999. Paperback; 256 pages; 17.8 cm x 12 cm.
This guide is all you need for the Annapurna. (...)  Great maps, highlights, places to stay, etc.; small and lightweight; good gear list for preparing, info on when to go; bits on Kathmandu and Pokhara. We hiked the entire circuit and used Bryn several times each day - Bryn Rocks.
Price: 13.75 USD at

Cover of the book 'The Annapurna Circuit and Sanctuary'

The Annapurna Circuit and Sanctuary, A Guidebook for the Independent Trekker by Ian P. Johnson.
Published by YetiZone in Bondi Beach, Australia, in 1997. Ring binding; 127 pages; 11.5 x 15 cm. Weight: 90 grams only.
Useful, easy-to-carry guide with lot of (cultural) backgrounds. You will be happy having this guide with you during the Annapurna trekking. In spite of some mistakes regarding the backgrounds of Muktinath we can fully recommend it - MFI.
Price: 10 USD via YetiZone.
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Authors on Trekking

Cover of the book 'Annapurna Circuit'

Annapurna Circuit: Himalayan Journey by Andrew Stevenson.
Published by Trafalgar Square, North Pomfret, USA, 2nd edition in 1998. Paperback Stevenson relates a journey that is rich with colourful characters, and is seeped in exquisite descrip- tions of the countryside through which he travels. The book is personally written, as if reading a diary, and it is this intimacy which allows the author's personality to permeate the stories, drawing the reader in alongside him. - Alex Greeman.
Price: 12.54 USD at

Annapurna Mountaineering

Cover of the book 'Annapurna'

Annapurna by Maurice Herzog.
Original 1952 publication by E.P. Dutton & Co. in New York, USA. Reprint edition published by The Lyons Press, New York, USA, in 1997. Paperback; 314 pages; 21 cm x 14 cm.
Epic account of the first conquest of one of the world's fourteen 8,000-meter peaks in 1950. Although Maurice Herzog and Louis Lachenal reached the summit of the 26,493-foot-high Himalayan peak, the descent was a nightmare of frostbite, snow blindness, and near death.
Price: 11.53 USD at

Cover of the book 'True Summit'

True Summit: What Really Happened on the Legendary Ascent of Annapurna by David Roberts.
Published by Simon & Schuster, New York, USA, in 2000. Hardcover; 256 pages; 24.3 cm x 16.2 cm.
David Roberts examines the controversy around Maurice Herzog's classic mountaineering book, Annapurna, & discovers a richer & more dramatic story than Herzog presented about the world's first ascent of an 8,0000-meter peak in 1950. - Trailstuff.Com. Out of stock.
Used ones availble at for $1.29
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Cover of the book 'Annapurna, A Woman's Place'

Annapurna, A Woman's Place, 20th Anniversary Edition by Arlene Blum.
Published by Sierra Club Books, San Francisco, USA, in 1998. Paperback; 257 pages; 23.3 cm x 18.7 cm.
In 1978, 13 women set out to climb Annapurna I in the Nepal Himalayas, achieving the first ascent of the world's 10th highest mountain by an American and by a woman. 

Price: 10.00 USD at

Cover of the book 'Annapurna, 50 Years of Expeditions in the Death Zone'

Annapurna, 50 Years of Expeditions in the Death Zone by Reinhold Messner.
Published by Mountaineers Books, Seattle, USA, in 2000. Hardcover; 204 pages; 23.7 cm x 16 cm.
(...) Annapurna: 50 Years of Expeditions in the Death Zone begins with the thrilling story of the first ascent and goes on to highlight the history of the most exciting and significant ascents of the mountain, including Messner’s own successful first ascent of the difficult Northwest Face.
Price: 24.95 USD at

Books on Muktinath

For books on Muktinath, please go to the Muktinath Books Section.

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