Picture of Muktinath temple with prayer flags

Hindus and Buddhists alike visit Muktinath-Chumig Gyatsa since hundreds of years.

The building of the current main temple is initated by Queen Subarna Prabha, the second wife of Shah Rana Bahadur (1775-1806), King of Nepal, after she had a dream. In 1815 AD - the year of the ending of the Anglo-Nepal war - the temple at Muktinath was built, as can be read on a bronze plaquette in the temple.

Later a purely Hindu temple was added near by as well, the Shiva-Parvati Mandir.

The temple is built in the typical pagoda style of a Hindu temple in Kathmandu Valley and is dedicated to the Lord of Salvation (to Mukti Nath), Lord Vishnu, or Chenrezig as the Buddhists call him (or Avalokitesvara).

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