Picture of Chumig Gyatsa at Muktinath in 1956

Picture of Chumig Gyatsa made by David L. Snellgrove in 1956 as quoted from his book "Himalayan Pilgrimage", published by Shambhala Publishers, Boston, 1989 (out of print).

At the one hundred and eight springs,
The eighty accomplished masters
Each made a reservoir in the earth.
From the heatless turquoise Lake Manasarovar,
They brought the finest, blessed water.

"In a future time of decline,
There will be many sentient beings who will commit negative acts,
Such as those of immediate retribution.
They will be reborn in the hell of unceasing torment.
To guide those sentient beings,
We consecrate
The hundred and eight springs,
That even by drinking a mouthful of this water,
They will not have to experience the sufferings of such torment:
Let alone other forms of suffering."

They thereby expressed their great wishes for beings' benefit.
After having concealed this as a precious treasure,
One hundred and eight springs later appeared.
(The Clear Mirror)

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Picture 1981 Shambhala Publishers