Garuda carrying Vishnu

Garuda at Muktinath
Garuda, or Khyung, as the Tibetan Buddhist call him, is an important image in both Hindu and Buddhist culture.

Within Hinduism Garuda is the mount of Vishnu.
He is the olders of birds and personifes the sun. Flapping his wings sounds like the clap of thunder and his size blocks the sun. In the classical Indian mythology Garuda is the king of birds. In Tantric Buddhism, Garuda is yet another form in which various Buddhas arise for the purpose of removing disease and injury caused by nagas and poisoning. Metaphorically the worst poisons are desire, hatred and ignorance.


The Garuda's eagles face has two round eyers, two horns. On the crown of the head is a golden jewel plundered from the Naga Realms. The arms are outstretched to each side holding the head and tail of a snake while biting the mid-section with the beak. His unfod wings stretches ouward.
A statue of Garuda can be found in the Vishnu-Chenrezig temple.

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