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The Muktinath Nuns Project
The Muktinath Nuns of the Tibetan Buddhist lineage of Lama Wangyal are the traditional daily caretakers of Muktinath - Chumig Gyatsa. They aim to continue their community in modern times. Since 2000 thanks to the international support channeld via the MFI, the Muktinath nuns can focus on their practice as caretakers without worrying about funds for livelihood, clothing, medical care and basic education. See also our donation page and recommendations page,

The Muktinath Knowledge Base Project
With the Muktinath Knowlegde Base Project the MFI aims for international awareness and support regarding preserving Muktinath-Chumig Gyatsa and the local indigenous cultural & religious heritage connected to Muktinath Valley, Nepal.

Within the context of the Muktinath Knowledge Base Project the MFI started a translation program to translate several Nepali and Tibetan texts into English. A first result has been published online (
The Clear Mirror, a Buddhist Pilrgrimage Guide to Muktinath).

The Muktinath Image Bank Project
The MFI makes and collects pictures and video recordings of Muktinath-Chumig Gyatsa for it's digital archive, the MFI Image Bank. By doing so the MFI makes images and recordings of Muktinath (culture) internationally available for current and future generations.
See for some of the MFI Muktinath images the Picture Album.)

The Muktinath Web Site Project

The international web site of the MFI creates an international publication platform where people can find information on Muktinath - Chumig Gyatsa at no costs. The content of the MFI website 2017 reflects only partly the results of the MFI Knowledge Base Project. The launch of the site made detailed information on Muktinath internationally available for the main public for the first time in history.
Since October 2005 the MFI also has a Dutch website for it's sponsors in the Netherlands and Belgium.

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The The Muktinath Foundation International (MFI) is a nongovernmental, nonprofit, interfaith organization registered in Amsterdam, The Netherlands under K.v.K./C.C. no. 34133018. The MFI is officially recognized by the Dutch government as a nonprofit organization (ANBI).

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