The intererior of the Fire gompa at Muktinath-Chumig Gyatsa
Fire gompa at Muktinath_Chumig Gyatsa - Annapurna - Nepal

The 'burning water' (natural gas coming through a water stream while brunring) inside the Fire Gompa represents the union of the opposite elements. Some Hindus interpret them as a gift from Brahma, who is said to have made offering here by setting the water afire. Other Hindus at the site mentioned they belief it's a manifestation of Brahma. Others mentioned that it is Agni, the fire-God or Jwala Mai, the goddess of fire.

Outwardly, it is the lord-protectors of the three kinds of beings.
The fire from water is All-Seeing One (Chenrézi);
The fire from earth is Gentle Splendor (Manjushri);
And the fire from stone is Lord of Secrets (Vajrapani).

Inwardly, the three poisonous obscuring emotions are burned:
Fire burn in the water of purified desire;
Fire burns in the earth of purified anger;
And fire burns in the stone of purified stupidity.

Secretly, this is the non-dual union of the male and female deities:
Fire burns in the water of transcendent knowledge;
Fire burns in the earth of skilful means;
And fire burns stably within the stone of union.

You will gain accomplishment by seeing or hearing this.
The Clear Mirror.


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