Sarasvati at Muktinath
At Muktinath Sarasvati is worshipped in the Vishnu Chenrezig Temple at Muktinath. Hindus and Buddhists alike revere her as a teacher of all the arts that make a person an educated member of society.

Sarasvati - meaning 'the one that flows'- is first referred to in Hindu literature as the personification of the vedic sacred river, the Sarasvati. Beside she is identified with Vac ('sound'), the goddess of speech.

In later Hinduism she is usually considered the consort of the god Brahma, who created the Vedas in her hand. Her mount is a peacock and sometimes a swan. She is playing the vina, a musical instrument whose strings are carried over a long neck, with resonating gourds on either end.

Her Tibetan name is dbyangs can ma or Yang Chenmo and also Piwa Karpo.

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